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During our daughter’s transition from college grad to first-time employee, she and Frank worked as a team to develop a job search strategy and the appropriate tactics necessary to land her ideal job. All parties appreciated Frank’s perceptive and caring approach during the entire process.

Mr. Willard Bunn III

Before I started working with Frank, I thought I knew everything. I had a decent resume and work experience. I thought I knew what I wanted to do, but I changed my mind every week and was truly unfocused.

I told myself I didn’t want a corporate job, that I couldn’t see myself working in a cubicle. But Frank and Campus2Career helped me focus and get an insider’s understanding of the corporate world. They helped me look into ‘the belly of the beast’ and prepared me for interviews.  Or interview, I guess, as I applied to a job, survived hours of behavioral interviewing, and am now working in my field at a job I love, none of which would have ever been possible without Frank Schroeder’s guidance. Thanks, Frank!

Emily F. Maloney

Working with C2C helped me in a variety of ways and ultimately enabled me to secure my current position…once we were finished with the résumé, C2C put me in contact with one person from its network who was great in helping me prepare for job interviews and providing excellent direction in the areas I was pursuing in that industry.

The team gave me great practice questions and excellent advice on how to respond to a wide array of interview questions and answers. I didn’t really get to take full advantage of the complete network, but the people C2C introduced me to were truly supportive. They provided excellent feedback on how to improve in areas that I needed to work on which was extremely valuable and they responded quickly and thoughtfully to any concerns that I had.

Will Krawczyk

The Campus2Career team gave me the tools and guidance I needed in this difficult job market. They not only helped me find a job, they helped me find a career path.

It took some time for me to find the right position, but C2C was constantly there to provide insight and assistance. The Campus2Career team will be there to help you for as long as it takes. It’s not a matter of if, but when you find the right position.

I simply would not have the professional success I enjoy today without this service. Thank you to everyone at Campus2Career for all your help!

John M. Sullivan

Campus2Career taught me the right way to find a job. While many of my friends drifted in the job market until falling into something by chance, Frank Schroeder and his team coached me through a directed plan of action: I learned, among other things, to evaluate my strengths and aspirations, marshal my existing resources, develop contacts, and prepare for interviews.

Having done the work, I was able to find the position I sought and begin it with the confidence of forethought, preparation, and discipline. I owe it all to Campus2Career.

Matt Gold

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