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Client and Parent/Sponsor Testimonials

Working with C2C was a great experience for me from start to finish.  From the initial introduction meeting to the personality testing to the accepting of a position, Gretchen Fry and company were there for me at any moment to answer any questions that arose.  They kept me motivated when I may have lost a little focus and helped me clarify which industry and role I wanted to work in.  Even after accepting my new job, I plan on continuing my relationship with C2C because I believe in what they’re doing so much and saw the benefits firsthand.  I hope to be able to help future C2C clients with my experiences and advice.

– Edward, client

Being a two-year post grad with an unsatisfying job in a challenging job market, I was faced with the inevitable question of what should be my next step. Knowing I was passionate about finding a career, not just a job, I did my due diligence of thinking through different options, but was unsure of how to move forward.

Deciding to become a client of C2C was by far the best investment I could have made in myself. From Day 1 of meeting the team, I was excited about the process and finally felt that I was making the right and positive moves to establish myself in a future career.

Between the professionalism of the C2C team and the constant support and care offered from the beginning, I felt myself maturing in my approach to not only networking, but being able to understand what goes into establishing a strong foundation for a career. I can say, without a doubt, that the C2C team was an essential component in my professional development and helping me navigate my way to a more fitting career.

Thank you Frank, Gretchen and Dick. I so enjoyed working with you all, and I can finally say that I’m confident with my career path!

– Palmer, client

When I first met with Frank and Gretchen, I was shifting my career interests and had no idea where I wanted to go. They were a strong source of support throughout the entire process, from major tasks such as overhauling my résumé and cover letter, to quick questions via email or telephone. They provided the confidence that I needed to not only find a job, but a job in my area of interest that I would find fulfilling. I would recommend Campus2Career to any recent college graduate faced with navigating the confusing job market.

– Megan, client

C2C gave me the extra boost that I needed to land a position that I really wanted. My career coach and the C2C specialists really helped me show companies what I had to offer. I never realized that all of my background and experiences were as valuable as they turned out to be! I think that the most helpful part of the process was the mock interviewing, which allowed me to optimize any interview opportunities that arose.

Thank you for your immeasurable help!

– Mike, client

My four children and I are very close, but when it came to helping my youngest son transition into his first career-oriented job, none of us could help… C2C’s work with John was nothing short of miraculous. The team has a gift for coaching young people, and C2C’s carefully-thought out program of testing and identifying strengths, directing search and resume efforts, building networks, teaching interview skills, and generally building self-esteem were transformative for John. He landed his ‘dream job,’ winning one of thirteen positions at a national technology company that received over 1,000 applications.

– Sally, mother

I wanted to thank you (Tina, C2C Coach) so much for all your hard work with Nick.   He benefited immensely from it.  Your sound advice, and perhaps more important your passion behind it, seemed to really have an impact on him.  I am confident that will serve him well as he prepares for his career, be it in film or journalism.

– John, father

Mary (his C2C coach) was a phenomenal coach whose emphasis on interview prep and networking made me a much more effective interviewee. Taking the skill assessments helped focus my job search, which was a huge problem before C2C. The weekly coaching sessions with Mary helped me stay motivated and positive in my job hunt. The skills I learned through my experience with C2C will help me at all stages throughout my career.

– Jimmy, client

Campus2Career taught me the right way to find a job. While many of my friends drifted in the job market until falling into something by chance, Frank Schroeder and his team coached me through a directed plan of action: I learned, among other things, to evaluate my strengths and aspirations, marshal my existing resources, develop contacts, and prepare for interviews. Having done the work, I was able to find the position I sought and begin it with the confidence of forethought, preparation, and discipline. I owe it all to Campus2Career.

– Matt, client

Working with C2C helped me in a variety of ways and ultimately enabled me to secure my current position…once we were finished with the resume, C2C put me in contact with one person from its network who was great in helping me prepare for job interviews and providing excellent direction in the areas I was pursuing in that industry. The team gave me great practice questions and excellent advice on how to respond to a wide array of interview questions and answers. I didn’t really get to take full advantage of the complete network, but the people C2C introduced me to were truly supportive. They provided excellent feedback on how to improve in areas that I needed to work on which was extremely valuable and they responded quickly and thoughtfully to any concerns that I had.

– Will, client

Thanks to all of you for the superb support and advice you’ve given him. Mary (C2C Coach), he would never make a binding career decision without consulting you first during all those interviews. You also kept him grounded and encouraged him to make decisions based on how he would like to be treated if he was the hiring person or business owner.

– Pat, mother

Before I started working with Frank, I thought I knew everything. I had a decent resume and work experience. I thought I knew what I wanted to do, but I changed my mind every week and was truly unfocused. I told myself I didn’t want a corporate job, that I couldn’t see myself working in a cubicle. But Frank and Campus2Career helped me focus and get an insider’s understanding of the corporate world. They helped me look into ‘the belly of the beast’ and prepared me for interviews. Or interview, I guess, as I applied to a job, survived hours of behavioral interviewing, and am now working in my field at a job I love, none of which would have ever been possible without Frank Schroeder’s guidance. Thanks, Frank!

– Emily, client

We engaged C2C to assist our daughter, who had just graduated from a large state university, in positioning herself for her first post-college job. When she started the process, she really was at a loss as to how to present herself, how to research potential employers, what to expect in and from an interview, and how to properly correspond with employers through her résumé and cover letters. C2C’s comprehensive approach to post-college outplacement gave my daughter a skill set that she will be able to use throughout her career. It has already paid off, she has recently started her second job since working with C2C, this time in investor relations with a major East Coast financial institution. More importantly, it was terrific to see her mature and become more confident as she worked with the team at C2C. Working with Frank, Gretchen and the team was a great experience for all of us.

– Ian, father

The Campus2Career team gave me the tools and guidance I needed in this difficult job market. They not only helped me find a job, they helped me find a career path. It took some time for me to find the right position, but C2C was constantly there to provide insight and assistance. The Campus2Career team will be there to help you for as long as it takes. It’s not a matter of if, but when you find the right position. I simply would not have the professional success I enjoy today without this service. Thank you to everyone at Campus2Career for all your help!

– John, client

We can’t be happier with WinTrust, C2C and the entire process. I personally can’t believe how successful Mary Ann was in finding this job and getting Annie in for the interview. The timing was exceptional, I thought that Annie would be unemployed for several months after graduation as many of her peers will be.

Thank you to all of you for all of your work and patience with this process. I think that the Assessment Testing was right on. Annie said that you knew more about her than she did herself. The resume and cover letter prep was great, as was the practice interviewing on tape. The key to success, however, was the chemistry and trust between Annie and her coach. Annie immediately respected that Mary Ann was a pro at doing coaching and job searches. Annie was able to rely entirely on Mary Ann’s knowledge of the banking industry, the competition among other students, and the miserable state of today’s economy. If Mary Ann said it, it was immediately and without question right. I also liked that Mary Ann and Gretchen helped Annie to look forward in her career, by discussing a probable path to Grad School, if Annie should chose that route.

We were glad we hired C2C early in Annie’s Senior Year rather than waiting until after graduation. Being able to graduate with a job offer in hand, greatly reduced the pressure on all of us and I think the timing of having C2C on board in the Spring contributed to Annie getting her offer. She was poised, polished and ready thanks to C2C.

– Barbara, mother

I dreaded graduating college. After the graduation ceremony, during which the President of our country told the members of my graduating class to move boldly in the directions of our dreams, I found myself underwhelmed by that statement because of the difficulty I found trying to relate it to my life moving forward.

I recognized after some time that I was not afraid of the concept of starting a professional life, but that I had no idea how to start the process. Additionally, the thought of walking blindly into such a crucial and potentially life-defining process left me weary and longing for late nights in a stuffy library surrounded by books.

The Campus2Career team was an instrumental player in helping me through one of the most revealing and rewarding times of my life. The collaboration between team members, specifically the scientific and methodological elements of working with Dick, Gretchen’s savvy in understanding current demographics and managing my expectations, and Frank’s daily encouragement and expertise concerning the process and the concerns of those in my position did wonders for me between my graduation and my first day of work.

Working with C2C was a truly wonderful and valuable experience that has made an indelible impact on my vision of what it truly takes to find a satisfying and challenging job in these times and in the future.

Thanks for Frank, Gretchen and Dick. It was a pleasure working with all of you!”

– Harrison, client

We, too, are proud of Rebecca and her launch into the world of work. I think she is enjoying her work and now, enjoying living in the city, too. Thank you for the support you all have given to her, and continue to give.

-Beverly, mother

You have done a remarkable job changing the lives of so many young people and, in my case, helped me to understand what was truly important to me in a new position and firm.  May 9th will mark three years since I started at Fidelity Family Office Services: the happiest, busiest and most challenging years in my career as I grow a regional business.  I thank you ( Frank) and Gretchen almost every day for guiding me to find a firm/position with the right culture, a culture where I could grow and be appreciated, and a firm with a long term business prospective.

– Kate, client

Frank and his team did some astonishing work with our daughter. She went, in a matter of a couple of months, from a recent college graduate with so many skills and absolutely no idea of what to do with them to a polished, confident young woman with a clear focus and a great job offer in her field. His patience with and development and championing of Emily led her to be able to accept herself and realize her strengths and preferences to a degree that ensured her ultimate success. The practice interviews and resume honing helped immensely. Thanks, Frank! You are definitely the man.

– Cynthia, mother

Following my graduation from college, I was forced to face some harsh realities. The languishing economy and the effects it has had on the job market, in conjunction with waning federal research grant money, made my hopes of working in medical research seem unrealistic. Moreover, my university’s Career Center could not have done less to prepare me for my job search. As far as advisers were concerned, I didn’t have many at my disposal either. Things were looking a little grim!

Frank, Gretchen, and Richard at C2C dramatically changed my outlook following our first meeting. After listening to the synthesis of my test results, and their recommendations, I had revitalized confidence and awareness of my strengths and interests. The step-by-step networking and task plans in place quickly proved themselves as sure-fire tools, and candid, sound advice provided me reassurance whenever I needed it. C2C negated the climate in which I found myself, and my job search ended-after a lot of hard work- with a great deal of momentum. I now have enduring job search skills, and a first job in the industry I wanted. I could not have done it without Gretchen, Richard, and Frank “El Jefe” Schroeder. Thank you!

– Tucker, client

I was very excited and happy for David when he shared the good news.  I hope this is the start of a successful and prosperous career for him.  My thanks to you and your team.

– Karen, aunt

C2C helped me to gain confidence in my abilities and become strong interviewer. I also gained perspective on what my goals and values for my career path are, and we figured out the steps I need to take to get there. Combined with my pristine resume, interviewing and networking skills, C2C prepped me to be the best me I could be to get the right job so I can have the career I want.

– Rebecca, client

Thank you so very much (Frank) for all of your help and guidance this year and throughout my career search. Thanks for the mentoring and assistance your team provided me throughout the process. Tom was a great coach! The tools your team provided me with will be invaluable for years to come.

I know my parents have already recommended many of their friends to the program. We are very appreciative of all of your help, patience and especially access to your networks.

– Paul, client

I wanted to thank you (Frank) for all your help during my job search. You were such an invaluable asset to me over the past six months. I genuinely appreciate your inquisitive nature and thoughtful advice. In retrospect, I can see all of the valuable lessons I have learned. Not only have I found a career path I am excited about, but I have had the chance to think about my interests and goals, ultimately giving me a better idea of who I am and what I want.

I have enjoyed working with Tom and Gretchen. It has been a pleasure getting to know them and hearing their different perspectives and advice.

Thank you again for your help and support. I look forward to staying in touch and helping C2C in any capacity.

– Kendall, client

Campus2Career was an invaluable resource in the search for my first job out of college. From the initial personality testing to interview preparation to networking the entire C2C process helped me build lifelong skills as well as aided me in finding out what I really wanted to do. My personal coach, Gretchen Fry, was always available whenever I needed and answered any and all questions I had along the way. Knowing that I had an expert in my corner was a great confidence boost. The interview, both phone and in person, were also invaluable as I discovered what my strengths and weaknesses were. Since they were recorded I could go back at any time and work on bettering how I articulated my skill set. Perhaps the greatest asset C2C provided me was access to very helpful and welcoming contacts at various businesses, which were all eager to give advice and help point me in the right direction.

– Bill, client

C2C has been such an amazing resource for me, and I am so thankful for all of your help and advice in this process.

– Tatum, client

Thank you so very much (Gretchen Fry) for all the help and support that you have given me throughout this job hunting process. Your advice and that of the C2C team has been invaluable to me and has helped shape me into who I am today. This is not an easy process, and you helped me gain the confidence, motivation, and skills that I needed to succeed.

-Brian, client

Thank you so much for your support and guidance throughout the C2C process. It helped me organize my thoughts, priorities, and schedule to make things happen and eventually fall into place. I am very happy with the job I have accepted and can’t wait to get to LA to begin. I received the note and chocolate–thank you for those too! Dick has been a wonderful coach throughout this process. I definitely want to emphasize that!

-Chloe, client

C2C gave Chloe the guidance and the focus to identify a career path and then to be successful in the job search process. Other people who know our daughter well saw Chloe grow in confidence through the job search process and she placed high importance on her weekly in person meetings with her C2C coach Dick. Chloe found the right job for her and we are delighted for her career progression from here.

-Dave, father

It really eases my mind and makes me more confident knowing you (Frank) and C2C will be there to assist me.

-Tommy, client
I want to thank you all (Frank, Gretchen and Lindsay, C2C coach) once again for the help, hard work and assistance you gave me during this process. Everyone’s immense support helped me through the disappointment of not getting into school on my first try. The encouragement gave me a lot of energy to apply again. In many ways the hard work has yet to come and I will be sure to keep you informed of my progress.
-Eric, client
It has been such a great experience having you all on my side throughout this journey. I am excited to enter this new phase in my life and start building my career.
And as excited as I am to begin my career, I am actually quite sad to be done with C2C because I have really enjoyed working with each of you. But I definitely plan to keep in touch and hope that we can all get together at least once a year or so to catch up.
-Kate, client
Thank you very much for the help you have provided me over the last year, it has made me into a more confident person able to tackle any challenge that comes my way! I will keep in touch and let you know how graduate school goes and where it leads me!
Ellyn, client

My time with Campus2Career was one that was incredibly helpful. Not only does Campus2Career take the time to help you understand where to look, but also how to look for those positions and network to get them. In addition to all the networking skills I took away from participating in this process, the extensive knowledge of my career coach Mary Ann Hocter was also very beneficial. Our weekly meetings left me feeling prepared, optimistic and ready to tackle what’s next. Campus2Career does a wonderful job in taking the scariest aspect of searching for  job, explaining them and preparing you to tackle the job market. Working with them gave me a peace of mind that is invaluable in this process.

-Kevin, client

I can’t thank you all enough for your help and guidance through this journey.  I don’t know where I would be without you.
-Katherine, client

My son and I have had the privilege of working with the C2C team twice.  Initially, my son worked with the team to help him with his job search coming out of college. He quickly had many jobs to choose from. About a year after he started his first job he was unexpectedly let go. Again, we again reached out to C2C for their expertise. With their support, my son immediately had several opportunities and landed a fantastic job within two months. I am not only impressed with the discipline, strategies, and tools that they provide but also the compassion and concern they have for their clients.  As we all know, looking for a job can be stressful and extremely time-consuming.  The C2C team makes the job hunting process productive and enjoyable.    I would highly recommend them. Thank you C2C!

-Paula, mother