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Jennifer Johnson

Jennifer Johnson is a Certified Professional Co-active Coach, former full faculty and admissions board member, and SVP/executive creative director, yet she still considers herself to be a student. She believes that constantly learning is critical to identifying opportunities to grow and contribute. And this philosophy has led Jennifer to evolve her own career into new areas.

Jennifer is a college and career coach. She became a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC), and completed neuro-transformational coaching (CNTC), when she realized that her University of Minnesota students were graduating without a solid post graduation plan. Jennifer uses her coaching and consulting skills to help students before, during and after college find their academic and career path. Jennifer has a coaching and consulting business with particular interest in millennials and generation Z:

The evolution of Jennifer’s path from advertising business leader to faculty member to coach brings a new opportunity to students and professionals. She has managed million dollar brands and creative departments. She also fought for an interesting brand of student as a member of the admissions board for the SJMC. Jennifer believes that every single person brings their own story to their path. And it is up to someone like her to help them realize their own success.

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