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Gretchen Fry

Gretchen Fry enjoys supporting and equipping recent graduates with the necessary tools to navigate their first job search. With a background in human resources, management, graphic design and higher education, Gretchen is knowledgeable about hiring practices and professional standards within many different industries. As a Career Services Advisor at Tribeca Flashpoint Media Arts Academy in Chicago, Gretchen taught all professional development and preparation classes to hundreds of students.

Gretchen received her BA in Business Administration with a focus in Human Resources, and in Fine Arts with a focus in graphic design. Since graduating magna cum laude from Hope College in Holland, Michigan, she has worked in marketing, consulting, design, management, human resources, client service, career counseling, event planning and education.

Beyond her professional career, Gretchen is an avid cook and baker, often trying, testing and changing new recipes. She also runs, enjoys yoga frequently and reads voraciously. Having previously lived in Georgia, Michigan and Washington, D.C., Gretchen is now happy to call the Windy City home.

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